About Us

Congratulations! You just found the best porn directory on the web.

Want to know a little more about us? Well, Search Engine Of Porn is all about -- you guessed it -- porn! But not just any porn. We bring you the BEST porn on the web. SearchEngineOfPorn.com is the ultimate list of the best adult entertainment and hook-up websites. Here are the details on how we make Search Engine Of Porn a site you can trust, and use again and again with no hassles or worries.

Why We Built Search Engine Of Porn

First, the "we" is Alex and Brad -- just two guys who got sick of landing on low-quality porn sites teeming with viruses and ads. Fuck that!! We knew there had to be a better way to find great porn. So we built one -- SearchEngineOfPorn.com. At first it was mostly just our friends who used the site. But then word got around, more and more people started using it, and suddenly our hobby became a full-time job (the best job in the world!).

100% Honest Rankings (No Bias, No Bullshit!)

We rank all of the third-party adult sites listed on Search Engine Of Porn. We have no angle here other than telling you which sites are worth your time and attention. If a site sucks then you won't find it on Search Engine Of Porn. If a site is all but guaranteed to please, you'll find it here with a high ranking. We DO NOT get any compensation for our rankings. Rankings are 100% no bullshit based on how good a site is.

Wait, you say -- you're telling me you go to every site listed and manually review it? Yup. We do. And not just once, but monthly. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. :-)

Note to website owners: Don't see your site listed? That's probably because it's not good enough. But if you really think it is then feel free to contact us and we'll check it out and MAYBE list it if it meets our standards.

Highest Standards

SearchEngineOfPorn.com isn't like other search engines (eg. Google). Here, a real red-blooded human evaluates every site to determine how good it is. And our standards are high -- to better serve you. We list only the best sites. So when you click one of our links you don't have to worry about going to a shit site with hardly any content, or getting hit with malware or aggressive ads.

Totally Free

SearchEngineOfPorn.com is and always will be 100% FREE -- free to use, free of ads, free of 'advertorials'. We want you to enjoy using our site, and we want you to KEEP using it!

Updated Frequently

What good are rankings if they're not current? We HATE this about most 'Best Of' lists -- they're almost never up-to-date. Not so here at Search Engine Of Porn. Our site would be worthless if it wasn't current, so we update it CONSTANTLY. Sites move up or down in the rankings when they make changes. New sites that are good enough get added to our list. We regularly visit every site listed (about once/month) to re-check it and make sure its ranking still holds.

We Aim To Please YOU

Everything we do at SearchEngineOfPorn.com is with YOUR best interest in mind. Honestly. Otherwise, this site would suck in no time flat and all our hard work would be for nothing. So what do we do? We make sure the sites we list are both safe and offer great value to visitors. We don't lie or bullshit or pander to anyone -- our rankings are 100% unbiased. We don't pelt you with ads or push bogus 'advertorials.' Everything here is the result of honest hard work to bring you a porn directory you'll want to come back to.

We Want To Hear From You

Disagree with our rankings? Know of an awesome site that should be added to our list? We want your feedback. Here's how to reach us: info[AT]searchengineofporn.com