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Pornhub is great, but let's not kid ourselves. Pornhub isn't really offering any fresh, new concepts for delivering porn. Neither is Brazzers, BangBros and many of the rest for that matter. And we can hardly blame them -- why mess with a formula that works?

While we love the awesome quality provided by the premium porn sites, there is opportunity for the next generation of adult entertainment: Cam sites.

Many years ago, cam sites were a fringe pursuit because of the low grade quality and amateurish performances. No longer! Now, cam sites deliver amazing quality and an unprecedented level of interactivity. Quite simply, cam is the future of porn. And, after checking out the sites on our list you'll see why.

We are The Search Engine Of Porn, and we present to you the best list of webcam sites in the world. We've done the hard work of sifting through hundreds of cam sites. Not all of them were great, but the sites that follow are fantastic. We hope you'll give at least one of them a try. We are very confident -- you're going to love these cam sites.

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Token Cost


(OUT OF 10)



(Highly Recommended)

OFFER: Get 100% Bonus


100 ($10.99)



(My Favorite)

OFFER: Get 10 minutes


100 ($4.99)




OFFER: FREE 200 Tokens


100 ($4.99)


cams -feature-


100 ($5.99)




25 ($25)




90 ($9.99)


mfc myfreecams




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There are thousands of sex cam sites out there. But Live Jasmin really stands out. Live Jasmin leads the pack because it has the performers, and the computing infrastructure to deliver an absolute killer product. Live Jasmin is the recipient of countless awards in the adult industry, so it's able to attract the some of the most stunning cam girls who routinely perform unbelievable shows for LiveJasmin customers.

But make no mistake – sex on LiveJasmin is 100% genuine. And the girls are so fine you won't be able to stand it. No matter what you're into, LiveJasmin has something for you.

Top Models

Megann White

live jasmin megnnwhite


live jasmin -- AttractiveReese

Believe it or not, it's not really the porn that sets LiveJasmin apart from the others. Sure, the porn is mind-blowing. But it's more than that. LiveJasmin just understands website design. Not many cam sites actually put any effort into refining the design of their website. They are lazy. They figure, porn afficianados will watch whatever we put up on the screen. That sloppiness just won't work anymore – not for a premium porn website. LiveJasmin gets this new reality better than any other cam site. The moent you click on a live stream, you’ll see what we mean. LiveJasmin seamlessly presents an amazing array of features to enhance your experience.

Cost & Billing

Per Min: $1.99 (average private show price)
Credits: $27.99 (34.7 credits)
Credits: $71.99 (78.09 credits)
Credits: $101.99 (114.25 credits)
Credits: $161.99 (180.78 credits)
Payment: Cell/SMS, Diner, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Online Check, VISA


  • Simple to use
  • Good payout
  • Smooth live streaming
  • Great support
  • Many of the hottest cam girls in the world
  • Translated in over 20 languages
  • Fantastic site design
  • Superb cam options
  • Offers intimate private chats that are very personal
  • Many girls have interactive toys, so you can play too
  • Not very expensive and offers good value for money
  • The best HD video quality among all cam sites

  • Too many studio chicks who lack spontaneity
  • The streams are uneventful unless you pay
  • You have to disable ad blocker and click a screenshot just to enter the site

OK, maybe we're just being sentimental, but we just had to include the legendary and iconic Imlive high on our list. ImLive has been on the cam scene for over 15 years delivering one orgasm after another.

ImLive is incredibly successful – so much so that it boasts more than 50 million subscribers. As a result, ImLive displays more than 80,000 live cams on the site that work 24 hours every single day of the year. and 365 days.


There's two main reasons why ImLive is so fantastic. First, the sheer number of cam models along with the variety and high quality that follows. Think about it, ImLive has as many subscribers as the entire population of the UK. If ImLive was a country, it would be the 20th largest country in the world by population! ImLive is 60 million horny dudes with cash in one hand and their cock in the other. You don't think that business model is going to attract gold-digging cam sluts from every corner of the earth? Think again. ImLive has models from every walk of life. You want Ivy League coeds, midwestern MILFS, Eskimo porn, fat-flab-fucking? It does not matter. ImLive has a live cam for it. In fact, ImLive has a live cam for shit you haven't even imagined yet. ImLive has cams for the crazy shit you're afraid to imagine.

The second reason we love ImLive is that ImLive is a bullshit-free site. ImLive knows what it is, and it doesn't try or pretend to be anything else. ImLive is live cams. Nothing more, and nothing less. ImLive is refreshingly free of all the noise. If you want an awesome live cam on anything, you go to ImLive.

Credits Price









Top Models




  • User friendly
  • HD video clips
  • Category wise tabs
  • Huge numbers of models means more competition, so many will 'go the extra mile'
  • HUGE model base with thousands of models
  • Classy and restrained
  • “Candy Shows” where you get a free preview of the model before spending your cash
  • Some of the best filtration facilitie
  • Good site design, so it's easy to navigate
  • Many language choices and ethnicities available.
  • Option for free video chat with some of the hottest girls.
  • Free signup offers
  • Site design is outdated
  • Difficult to register
  • Limited video quality options
  • Some of the more popular models are very expensive

To summarize our list so far, Livejasmin is noteable for it's selection of premium live sex shows and slick web design. Meanwhile, Imlive stands out for it's unparalleled variety. And this leads us to the third major player on the cam site scene – Chaturbate.

Chaturbate is differnt from LiveJasmin and ImLive for one VERY compelling reason: Chaturbate offers way more free access to awesome cams than the other sites. When you go to Chaturbate you will be astonished at how much free content is available on that site. But don't make the mistake of thinking that just because many of the cams are free, they suck. It couldn't be further from the truth, and that's why Chaturbate is such a fantastic site.

Chaturbate offers so much free content because its business model is different. Chaturbate is 100% amateur, and its models work for tips. As a result, you not only can get an awesome experience for free, but you're getting hot, horny models who know they better deliver or they'll get shut out from receiving any tip revenue. Hot chicks, aggressively masturbating for free. It sounds like fun to me!

You can see why so many people love this site. Why should you have to pay money for some narcotized bitch who's just phoning in her 'performance'? You shouldn't, and Chaturbate recognizes this. But Chaturbate and its models aren't stupid. They have a setup where you're almost compelled to start tipping. The shows typically have a countdown, and you'll get the boot from the cam if you don't start showing the girls some tip-love. This can be exceptionally annoying right when you're about to blow your wad. Also, when you're generous, the girls will often call you out and thank you by name. Finally – and even better – you can get these girls to some freakishly kinky shit once you start 'making it rain tokens'. The prices for these tokens, which are used for tipping, requests, and premium show access, are listed below.

Chaturbate is a perfect example of NextGen porn, and it offers an awesome experience. If you haven't checked out Chaturbate, do it now!

Token Price













Top Models


chaturbate -- your dream


  • Easily accessible hashtags
  • Huge profit
  • Models show preview
  • High class models
  • A ridiculous number of free live sex cams
  • Easy to use features
  • One smoking hot chick after another
  • Male, female, couples and trans can get to enjoy here.
  • The rooms are open to public & no limits on numbers.
  • The quality of audio and video is excellent.
  • Amazing interactive sex shows
  • You can easily customize the broadcasts
  • Paid option is available for an even better experiences.
  • Tokens and all the tipping can add up quickly
  • If you don't pay, many shows will cut you off right when it gets good
  • Private messages cost extra

MyFreeCams is another great cam site that offers a shitload of free adult webcams. While the MyFreeCams website is not as good as either LiveJasmin's or ImLive's, it's still pretty good -- loading easily on both computers and mobile phones.

The best part about MyFreeCams isn't that it's free. [More on this is a moment.] No, the best part about MyFreeCams is the number of beautiful women gracing this site. Really, it's almost shocking how many hot chicks are camming on MyFreeCams. We guess it's because of the name of the site. 'Free' implies a lack of quality. But MyFreeCams completely destroys this myth--there are huge numbers of gorgeous models all over the site.

And now for the bad news. Even though MyFreeCams touts itself as a 'free' cam site, it's not really free. Sure, you won't have to pay if you just want to scroll through the hot models. But who cares? That's not 'camming', that's just modeling. But once you actually see the girls, you'll see the refusal to perform for free is not terribly unreasonable. These girls are like what you'll find in the VIP-Platinum room of a high-grade strip joint. And, just like an A Team stripper, they aren't going to do a damn thing until they start seeing some cash come their way. That's life, so get over it. And once you do, you'll get everything you could want from adult cams with some of the hottest, chicks in the world.

Token Price























Top Models


  • Only girl models available
  • Highest earning potential
  • Certain rules followed
  • A high number of HIGH quality girls
  • Easy to customize your model lists
  • Refreshingly free of annoying ads
  • High quality video feeds
  • An enormous collection of different chat rooms
  • some of the hottest cam girls who are also uninhibited, and willing to perform
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Best private chat facilities also available.
  • Lack of the interactive features available on other sites
  • If you're a guest checking things out, they won't allow you to chat

Do you like to see countless hot chicks behaving very badly on camera? Do you want all this for free? Then check out Flirt4 Free.

Like MyFreeCams, you will have to spend some money if you want to get to the good stuff. You're just going to have to get over it. Flirt4 Free is a world class professional porn site, and it offers some of the highest quality live sex performances you could ever hope to find.

Flirt4 Free is one of the oldest cam sites on the web. Like many of these sites that have managed to thrive over the years, Flirt4 Free has attracted top-shelf talent. Check it out Flirt4Free yourself -- you'll see premium, high-end escort style girls who could command several thousand dollars for an intimate evening.


Once you get to Flirt4 Free, you'll find it offers incredible variety. In addition to standard cam fare, Flirt4 Free offers all the BDSM, and kinky fetish that is guaranteed to satisfy the perviest of pervs. Another cool aspect about Flirt4 Free's offerings is that it goes out of its way to highlight topical and seasonal performances. From freaky Halloween themes to Spring Break debauchery, Flirt4 Free has something crazy, fun and relevant.

If you like the site and decide to get the VIP account -- which we highly recommend -- Flirt4 Free has some awesome features waiting for you. Our favorite is the fact that you'll get access to thousands of hours of archived videos where the performers put on private shows and saved on their channels. This is a fantastic offering for some super-premium material. Over the span of a single week, you can get access to almost 1,500 mind-blowing videos. Additionally, VIPs get discounts on future video purchases and show passes, they can send and receive pics in live private chats, and even get ‘VIP treatment’ during shows.

After taking into account the premiujm grade quality of the girls on Flirt4 Free, and all of the wicked variety of freaky live shows, Flirt4 Free is highly recommended. Since it's so easy to really look around and get a taste for free, you should definitely head over to Flirt4 Free and see for yourself.

Credit Price

Currency: 10 credits = $1
Average prices: Private chat: $2.50 - $5 / min

On Flirt4free you can spend your money on this type of shows and modes:

Show type



30 - 60 credits / min

Premiere chat

70 - 120 credits / min


10 - 40 credits / min

Multi-user (group show)

10 to 120 credits / min

Private combo

60 - 120 credits / min

Multi-user combo

40 - 80 credits / min

Feature show

30 credits / minute

Party chat


Top Models

Adriana Pink

flirt4free Adriana Pink

Natalie Star

flirt4free --Natalie star
Group chat shows: When a goal set by camgirl is reached.

Offered shows: This is the kind of cool feature form Flirt4free where you can negociate with the model for the show price.

Party chat: FREE and open for everyone


  • Interactive chat
  • Control toy in real time
  • Offered show by models
  • A trusted site that has stood the test of time
  • High quality with outstanding user options
  • A sleek, modern web design
  • Live shows that will blow you away
  • If you're a regular, they'll comp you a bunch of free credits
  • A huge selection of beautiful girls from all over the world
  • Professional and highly respected ownership
  • Too many dead links on the site suggests not updated enough
  • Not as many models as the top sites

  • The private shows are expensive

Now that we're on the back-end of our list, let's get real: Unless you're just worn out from fapping to the pussy on the previous sites listed, there's no real reason to spend a lot of time on the remainders. It's the truth. The previous sites have the hottest performers in the industry, and they offer every conceivable fetish you could find. But we're going to continue with a few more because they are still very good sites and they are worth a little casual exploration.


And this leads us to BongaCams. [Quite the introduction, wasn't it?

BongaCams offers a wide variety of high quality sex shows. The girls are hot, there just isn't as many as the others. And the website design is more than respectable.

BongaCams operates with a token system very simmilar to MyFreeCams. You get to explore for free, and you are expected to tip if you hang around. BongaCams is just way more aggressive in panhandling for cash.

Finally, while BongaCams has performances for every stripe of cat, sometimes it just seems to try too hard. Take the 'Spy Cam' for instance. For a hefty premium you can watch a model perform without her knowing it. Why would anyone do this? We have no idea. Maybe if you're married to the cam model and you want to see if she's going 'next-level' with the clientele? Who knows. But it's a silly option, and makes it seem like a creepy place to work.

Token Price

















Top Models


  • Webcams
  • Cashback opportunities
  • FAQ
  • Free tokens
  • Amateur videos
  • Bullet Point 2
  • A huge selection of ethnicities and languages
  • Fantastic features for paid members
  • Free chat option available for testing the waters
  • A ton of HD streams with high quality cam models
  • A straightforward token system that offers incentives
  • The private shows are awesome, and they are reasonably priced
  • No lag on the streams
  • Not as many cam models as the leading sites
  • The private chats are expensive
  • Membership popups are annoying and difficult to close

As the name of the site suggests, Stripchat's niche is that you can chat with hot chicks while they strip for you.

The girls are beautiful, we'll give Stripchat that respect. But the problem with Stripchat is that it's really quite tame. Fans of the site will claim that Stripchat is 'classy'. Fair enough. But we feel like there's much less of an edge with Stripchat.


On the bright side, Stripchat does offer a compelling 'private chat' option where we are told things get much steamier. Depending on the girl, you might even opt for face time with her where she'll ask you to strip at the same time. Now that could be fun. Neither of us opted for it though as a striptease chat just isn't our thing.

Also, it should be noted, Stripchat is very cool with respect to advertising. They don't slam users with stupid ads, and it does help Stripchat exude a classy vibe.

Credits Price













Top Models


stripchat----Girl Squirt


  • Spy feature
  • Spend private chat
  • Save your favorite model
  • Fun interactive site
  • Free chat in public room
  • It is famous for its amazing list of models
  • Easy navigation
  • Quality HD live sex cams
  • Layout is simple and user friendly.
  • It is the best place to be in for those who love Latin college girls.
  • High quality service standards and customer support.
  • Mobile support is not available
  • Expensive for those who have budgets in mind.

Are you still looking for a real cool adult sex-cam site? Then you have to try out Cam4. It is known as one of the premier amateur cam sites in the world. Cam4 is raw and unfiltered. It just feels real.

Cam4 is unlike many other amateur sites where the girls couldn't couldn't pay me to watch them. No, these Cam4 girls are smokin' hot. Seriously, several of these girls are on their way to the Big Leagues. If you want to find up and coming talent that's unspoiled, cum to Cam4.


Cam4 has four major cam sections for males, females, couples, and trans. Additionally, Cam4 provides a convenient 'Explore' section where you can easily find trending cams, fan clubs, and 'best of' sections.

There is no doubt that Cam4 has fantastic search and filtering capabilities allowing you to easily choose the performers and niche that is in line with your specific needs and requirements.

Finally, Cam4 provides popular cams from about 75 countries all over the world in many languages. Of course there are cams in the US, France, UK, Russia, and Brazil – but you can also find wild cams in places like Thailand and Columbia. Got some free time? Then pull up a Ukrainian cam and prepare to have your mind...blown. You can easily log in and register to Cam4 and though there are some free options, you'll get the best stuff with the paid options. The problem with Cam4 is that the prices are hard to find. You have to find the broadcasts that interest you first and then you'll find out the price of admission.

Cam4 does provide a cool biography of the models and also some insight into their fantasies and secrets. Each model has her fan club which certainly opens new and exciting avenues. Cam4 is a great site and premium memberships are definitely worth the price of admission.

Membership Costs





VIP Status


Gold Status


Top Models

Koko The BDSM Pro

Cam4 --- Koko

Violet Doll

ifriends-- ladygstring


  • Live chat support
  • Great features on site
  • Large number of live models
  • Various models and the models are simply stunning and beautiful.
  • Mostly HD cams
  • The live webcams load smoothly.
  • It offers free $10 as signup bonus
  • Personal profiles of models are elaborate & informative
  • Website is easy to navigate
  • One of the easiest registration processes
  • 24/7 customer service of the highest standards.
  • Prices are hard to find
  • Some very expensive models

If you're not sure about ManyVids, just visit its home page. It won't take more than 10 seconds for you to realize this is one awesome cam site. Immediately, you'll get hit with dozens of live cam models waiting for you to click and cum. Seriously, give ManyVids 30 seconds of your time and you'll find out why it has become one of the most sought after and well known online sex cam sites.

One thing that really sets ManyVids apart is the sheer number of beautiful models from so many different countries and ethnicities. Last time I was there, I saw this Estonian chick perform with a tube of ice...I still get chills thinking about it. ManyVids could just as easily be called 'ManyCountries.' I love it!

ManyVids is trusted for offering good value for money.

The ManyVids models are professional with some absolutely stunning bodies. And they aren't afraid to use them! These performers cannot wait to strip naked and bring it with hot and nasty cam chats.

The search features and filtering features allow customers to get access to a highly nuanced selection of models. The video of models are also available along with their biographies which makes it easy for you to make the right choices.

If you are ready to tip the models as best as you can, you can expect some amazing performances from them.

The ManyVids site is well designed with a simple, but pleasing design. Manyvids allows you to move through pages quite effortlessly. And yes, the live feeds are really live.

Membership Costs



1 Month


3 Month


12 Month


Top Models

Lana Rain

manyvids --- lana-rain

Dawn Willow

manyvids --- Dawn Willow
  • A high quality site with excellent user options
  • Easy signup with minimal details
  • The Premium services are great, and offer a good value too
  • The models are gorgeous, and they don't hold back
  • We expect this site to move up on our list in the near future
  • It's pretty damn expensive

It might surprise many that we have a major player like all the way down in 10th place on our list. Cams, afterall, is the winner of many adult industry awards, and it is widely respected for having stunning models and a phenomenal chat function. Furthermore, has a reputation to uphold, so it's trustworthy.

OK, if Cams is so great (and it is), why is it so low on our list? Because is so damn expensive. And, while we think that the product offered by Cams would normally justify a higher ranking, we can't do it because Cams charges too much to really enjoy its many tremendous offerings.

When you arrive at Cams, it's easy to join. Of course, Cams offers a 'Free Signup', but don't be fooled. The Free Signup will only get you as far as seeing the type of models that grace the cams of Cams. And it's a smart move by Cams -- because these girls are stunning. If we ranked cam sites strictly by the quality of models, would be at or near the top of the list. Again, these girls are amazing.

Another cool feature on the Cams site is its filtering options. Within 30 seconds you can easily drill-down into some extremely nuanced and specific offerings. Good filtering is underrated because it can be exhausting once you get sucked into the paralysis of analysis into the parade of hot chicks wanting to get you off (and take your money).

Finally, we have to write a few words on the chat capabilities because they are remarkable. Of course, Cams offers the garden-variety chatting available on every decent cam site. But Cams takes chatting to another level, and if you have the money Cams will thrust you into an incredibly immersive erotic experience. For example, you can engage in one-on-one texting with your favorite model when they are online or offline.

All that is pretty cool, right? Sure -- but many other top notch sites have similar offerings. It's from this point that goes off the rails into to crazy next-level shit. Besides texting, allows you to interact with your models in a more direct manner through its 'Connexion' system. On Connexion, you use OhMyBod or a similar app, and YOU are able to control the remote control dildo (aka teledildonic dildo or vibrator) that your model has up inside of her. And you're doing this in real-time.

As if that's not enough, you can escalate to a 'Mind-Blown-Level', where the erotic experience goes both ways. So, in this scenario you get yourself a Lovesense Digital Fleshjack, you either let your model choose what she'll do to you, or you decide for yourself...and off you go. Think about this for a moment: You're in a private show with a world-class vixen and you’re pleasuring her, and she's doing the same for you (and then some!) – all in real-time. will allow you to experience real erotic sensations and take you into a world far beyond anything offered by a regular porn video.

As you can tell, we're torn on how to rank On the one hand, it offers an unprecedented adult entertainment experience, but on the other it is really expensive if you want to go there. Either way, is an amazing site and definitely worth checking out.

Membership Costs



1 Month


3 Month


Top Models


cams --kataleya_smith

Julietta Sweet

cams Julietta sweet
  • A astounding selection of stunning models
  • Easy signup with none of the typical hassles
  • The models are cool and fun to interact with
  • It's a proven and time tested adult cam site
  • Offers an unprecedented interactive erotic experience
  • Good quality customer service
  • Not much free action if you just want to check it out before paying up
  • It's extremely expensive to take advantage of all the features

There you have it, folks -- The Search Engine Of Porn's List of the Top Webcam Sites In The World. Of course, we are partial to our favorite -- Livejasmin -- but really you can't go wrong with any of the sites on this list.

And let us just take a moment to congratulate ourselves for our hard work and dedication. We personally visited each one of these sites (and many, many more). We spent a lot of time, and money consuming an unreasonable amount of porn. But that's what we do here, at The Search Engine Of Porn. We are dedicated to our craft and we will stop at nothing to find you the best porn for 2020. We are, frankly, a couple of amazing human beings.

So don't let all this hard work go to waste. These sights are highly regarded with some of the best adult entertainment talent in the world. We're confident that with our expert analysis of these amazing adult cam communities, you’ll be able to make an informed decision for your tastes and desires. You'll apply your love of live sex to a webcam platform that’s guaranteed to meet your insatiable needs. No matter what you're into, you'll find it one of these adult cam sights. Now get out there, and start having some fun!

Adult Webcam Sites - Questions by Viewers or people looking for Webcam models

Before joing adult cam sites, what should I look for?

  • Must have SSL Certificate: Check your browser for green certificate in the URL bar. This will make sure that the page is encrypted and hence you can sagely enter your credit card information
  • Create a fake online persona: Dont use your real name whenever possible (obviously) since you are in adult industry looking at naked webcam girls while spending cash on them
  • Get a VPN: A VPN will keep you safe, and private. A VPN is must-have to properly enjoy adult entertainment.
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